Kristin House

A little about me – I live in a house that has needed a desperate amount of attention due to prior neglect. Maybe we were crazy to buy a house in the condition this one was in but my husband and two teenagers shared the vision, so steadily this short sale house became our home. We are having a wonderful time working on it together and am glad to know that my children will know how to do house repairs on their future homes. Their spouses will thank me someday, or at least that is what I tell them. We still have plenty of projects, so there will be plenty more “learning” for them 🙂

Another thing, I love to read! Two book clubs with meetings every month, and I still am always on the hunt for a good book. I do read a fairly eclectic range of books, but will only post about books I would recommend to a friend.

You will find recipes on this blog, but the majority of the cooking section is written by Melanie as she is far more capable in that area, however, I will occasionally post a recipe that I thought was easy and good.

Thank you for reading!


krisitn_07 09 11_1004


IMG_0026 (2)

And here are my teenagers!

The above of just me with my daughter is only 3 years before the last picture of my son and daughter. What a difference a few years makes. My kids look older and I definitely do, which is why you don’t see any more pictures of me, hahaha

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