Christmas has made an appearance at our house.  Not done decorating but do I have “my” tree up. Every year we put a live tree in the family room decorated with ornaments from our travels and other special or handmade ones from my children’s gifts and projects through the years.  However, when they were little I began to put up a tree that was stylized.  Faux and decked with fancier ornaments and theme it occupies one of the more formal areas of the house each year.

christmas tree 2

This year I made a departure from the apple green, red and gold I have enjoyed for several years and decided to go with a more natural palate of green and white with glorious sparkling gold and silver ornaments.  This is a new faux tree from Michael’s. It was quite a bit more expensive than the similar one at Costco. It has memory branches that spring right back and 3 pieces that plug right into each other and light up instantly.  Also has choice of white or colored lights with the press of a button. So similar, and yet not.  Somehow this one looked more realistic so chose to pay more and get something that makes me happy.

Close up ornaments

Close up of the tree.  I like how the lights sparkle and reflect in the windows.

fallbreeze christmas tree 2

and one more picture taken during the day with all the leaves that fell during the rain earlier this week. You can see the snowflake I used for the topper best in this one.

daytime christmas tree