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image via pinterest, originally from Houzz.com is a project by ‘The Stone Man’ aka stonemanrocks.com

While all garden gates practically beg you to peek over, around or through them because what lies beyond is a secret space, a private place, a MOON GATE is a rather special one. The moon gate invites you to step through, it beckons you come enter this magic world. 

Moon gate... not sure why I am so drawn to this, but it seems magical almost, like a portal to another world or something lol:

Professional Artist Magazine via pinterest

A moon gate can work for any type of garden.

Chinese in origin they were meant to represent the Chinese summer moon and once upon a time no noble home would be without one.

Moon gate:

Nifty Homestead via pinterest

Moon Gate, Jianshui, China:

bluepueblo.tumblr.com via pinterest

Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai:

YuYuan Gardens in Shanghai, China  saved from noordinaryhomes.com via Pinterest

The British imported the idea to their Bermuda protectorate where a number can be found throughout the island today. These gates are usually free standing or attached to a low wall. Moon gates feature in Bermuda wedding traditions today, where a bride will have good luck if she steps through one on her wedding day.

Moon Gate

flikr.com image by kansasphoto

Let’s say you missed out on this extra luck bringer on your wedding day, or are not yet married but have found your happily ever after person:

A moon gate could also just as easily take on a hobbit type of look and be the portal into an informal cottage or English garden.

stone arch garden entry:

indulgy.com via pinterest

moon gate - cooooool, I think I'll wait till the boy grows up before I try to make one of these :)

pinterly.com via pinterest

Pick your favourite herbs:

homeaway.com via pinterest

A metal or wood ring moon gate would be a fantastic entrance to a contemporary space as well.

Visitors enter the garden along a shady gravel path, stepping through a moon gate:

saved from The Seattle Times via pinterest

Now I want one for my garden AND I want to visit Bermuda!