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Adopt a dog on New Years day!


So I was going to post about putting up my brand new mirror and redecorating my mantle with a winter theme on Saturday, but then…all the post Christmas Blues were suddenly gone. We were notified that we were selected from several eager candidates to be the new family for a 2.5 year old pure-bred Chocolate Lab. Well that is enough right there to want to get Christmas decorations put away and get on with making her (and our) transition as stress free as possible.


New Years Day first walk with us

She is already potty trained but we have some work to do with training her not to pull. She is already doing great with that after only 2 days, which is good because she is very strong. Her foster mom said she broke 2 nylon leashes from biting on them and then pulling! She is so sweet and quite obedient with everything else so I don’t think it will take long at all! She is very eager to please and quite treat motivated, just like the rest of her new family!!  😉


Do you see how happy my kids are? No post Christmas blues for them!

So this post changed from how I redecorated my mantle and left out some greenery with just lights on them, to ahh, my pretties I must get down all my Christmas pretties!

…and yes, this is how my sister Melanie (and blog partner) found out we got a dog! Something I said I would not do after losing our border collie of 14 years this past March to hemangiosarcoma of the spleen. (sad note, Melanie lost her sweet dog of about the same age to the exactly the same condition just 6 months prior to ours).

Now on to a brighter note, since Melanie’s boys actually wrote her an adorable note asking for a golden retriever for Christmas, I wonder how long it will take for her to adopt one? Any bets? I am guessing three more months.