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Christmas Tree Day.JPG

We picked out our family tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Though we have gone to cut your own lots, we decided to  take a short cut this year. We were all showered but no one was “picture ready.” Luckily they let me take a few pictures, sans makeup even.

We just rolled up the road a short ways to the  Knights of Columbus lot in Fairfax Station, to historic St Mary of Sorrows, and received plenty of cheerful help picking out the tree.

St. Mary of Sorrows in Fairfax Station, dedicated in 1860, has staged an annual picnic and festival since about 1876.

I did not take a picture of the church myself, but the image and full story of this church are credited to the Washington Post link below. Please follow the link to read the amazing history of this church.  In short, during the civil war the church was located smack in the middle of surrounding forces from both sides. Used as a field hospital more than once by union forces, and where Clara Barton (the founder of the Red Cross got her start), it amazingly survived the war. Not so with many of the soldiers buried in the Church cemetery.


Why the lot? We were being lazy, but it worked out as if we had amazing insight. This past year there was a drought on the east coast. I am hearing from friends who did the cut your own on the same weekend; they are losing many more needles than usual and their trees are dried out already. Since the lots usually have trees from the west and mid-west, where there was not a rainfall issue, most lot trees are retaining their greenery better this year. We simply had blind luck with our choice, as ours is still supple and the needles are still soft.

My Mother-in-law was visiting and able to come with us before catching her flight out later that evening. There she is on the right. Aren’t these ladies naturally beautiful! Neither has a stitch of makeup on!  Neither does my son (haha). getting tree with grandma.JPG