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So in my Thanksgiving list of lists last post I said I would be having my windows cleaned today. The guys came and have just finished.

I am excited for how sparkly and clean my house looks both within and without.

img_5218   This is the nice clear view taken through an upstairs window.

Rooms that I was somewhat dissatisfied with I am looking at in a whole new light, truly a whole new light.

Let me gush just one more time….this was a fabulous idea to have these done … by someone else.

Here is why. Not too long ago as I was cleaning the windows from the inside I realized I was fed up with how dirty they were on the outside. The windows are old and there is no way to tilt or tip them in for easy cleaning. When I moved in I pushed most of the old screens off the windows and cleaned the windows I could reach with a short ladder. Even bought a special squeegee for it. It helped and it satisfied me for a time.

At some point though, I was ambitious enough to try the windows requiring a longer ladder. I am not afraid of heights and I have a two story ladder. So why not? Why not indeed?!

Well this is why not.

I had a scene straight out of Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation where my two story ladder tipped over and thankfully was caught by the deck. I was sideways with a thudding heart before I even understood how bad it could have been.

Really bad is the answer.

Because the ladder was now sideways I was only up about 8 feet at this point but I was stuck in an awkward position. I pushed off the deck and jumped as the ladder crashed to the ground. Stupid, stupid, stupid I muttered to myself as I stomped inside to look up window cleaners.


So now that I have this item checked off here is my big dilemma; I was ready to start some Christmas decorating, not the glitz and red of it all, but just putting out greenery and lights, things that can later be layered with ribbons and ornaments and colors of Christmas.

Suddenly all my heart has gone out of it. Just look at the views from my clean windows and another photo of the exterior and you will see why!!!




~ Kristin