We moved into our home just over a year ago. We scoured reviews of schools and looked for a flat, cul-de sac lot with a little bit of a yard for the boys to run and play. Our home is in a well established neighborhood and many of our neighbor’s children are grown.

As Halloween was just around the corner we kept those boxes out of the attic as we moved in. Soon after we got to work decorating for Halloween. I like to add a little fun, some call it spook, to the festivities and have been adding to my collection bit by bit for years.


I realized as we got closer and closer to All Hallows’ Eve that many of our new neighbors were a bit stand offish and that we were the only house decorated for the evenings festivities. I didn’t think much just that they must be more conservative in their decorating and just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The night before I had a neighbor from down the street with children ask a lot of questions about Halloween. I was happy to answer her questions. She went on to explain that this was their first year celebrating and they weren’t sure what to expect. That’s when she went on to inform me that none of the neighbors participated since they believed it was a day associated with and meant to glorify Satan.

Now I understand why the neighbors chose to keep their distance. However, it didn’t stop us from celebrating in our usual lighthearted way, dressing up as a family and having fun. As I put up the decorations this year I am reminded of this conversation I had with my neighbor last year and hope the rest of the neighborhood isn’t as afraid of what moved in next door as they were last year.