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Have you read the story called If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff? If so then you know that the child gives a mouse a cookie, but then the mouse asks for a glass of milk to go with it, and then a straw, and then a napkin…and on it goes until the mouse needs another cookie.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Image from http://www.scholastic.com/teachers/book/if-you-give-mouse-cookie#cart/cleanup

This is pretty much how all my home improvement projects go.

In my last house I wanted a NEW VANITY for the upstairs kids bathroom. This is a perfect example of how the project escalation theory works:

WELL…if you are going to remove the vanity you will need new faucets AND you will need to retile the floor, (the new vanity was sized differently and had cute little legs, which meant you could see under the vanity (the one removed was a just a box).

AND IF…you are retiling the floor then you really should replace the 20 year old toilet with a more modern one; a new one does not cost that much and it really is silly to put an old one back in. Of course, this makes sense, …

WELL…if you do that maybe you want to move it over a few inches since the old tile is already removed and the pipes are accessible…and since the new vanity is not as massive. Yes, do that.

WELL…now there is room for a wider and taller tub...So of course, I mean why not, you want the space to be more functional, right?! And the current tub is way too low and the kids splash water all over the floor and you can’t really take a decent bath if you are an adult. So yes, we will do that too….

WHICH MEANS..you might as well tile the tub wall...That will really make it all come together and be so nice…

WHICH MEANS….new bathrod and new showerhead and new bath faucet AND those should match the new faucet of the vanity

SO all that is left is the mirror and the lights and the towel bar and the toilet paper roll…(my stomach hurt from all the money we already spent but hey, what is a few more $, right?)

AND OF COURSE you need to repaint the bathroom ceiling and walls.