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Tarrytown, NY.  Idyllic countryside, and home of the Van Tassell Family and Brom Bones. Also the temporary residence of Ichobod Crane…oh and night time territory of the HEADLESS HORSEMAN!  

Melanie and I visited Sleepy Hollow several years ago with our families.

Our first task was to find the Van Tassell graves. There they were right beside the the Sleepy Hollow Dutch Church and in the Sleepy Hollow Graveyard.  We also saw gravestones that told interesting highlights of a persons life. It gave me a happy shiver that there is an actual Katrina Van Tassell buried in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

If you are a TURN series watcher you will recognize the namedropping on the ROMER tombstone. American flags with circular plaques all through a large section of the Sleepy Hollow Graveyard designated Revolutionary War Veterans.

image copyright fallbreeze.net


cousins in Sleepy Hollow graveyard, having way too much fun considering the Headless Horseman could appear at dusk

Washington Irving’s grave is also located in the grounds of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery:

Washington Irving grave, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

I wish I had the pictures I took to show you, it is up a bit of a hill and located with other graves inside a iron fence. The stone sticks out from the others because is bright white/ It is also much smaller than I expected it would be.

The church was closed but I snapped this adorable picture of my nephew on the porch.


image copyright fallbreeze.net

We looked for “the bridge that spans the brook,” just in case we ran into the infamous headless horseman, but learned that the original bridge had been replaced with a much larger, and less scenic one.

the bridge fallbreeze.net.jpg

image copyright fallbreeze.net

So we pretended this nearby one was the real one:


Image copyright fallbreeze.net

This smaller bridge is located in the extensive grounds of Sleepy Hollow, so I figure it counts!


It was perfect breezy fall day with cloudless blue skies, but while in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery the moon decided to add some natural ambiance.



We also visited a 17th century Dutch Farm very near the Sleepy Hollow church, that could have been the inspiration for the Baltus Van Tassell house in the legend. I have lost my pictures from the farm so here is one from the official site

image from http://www.sleepyhollowny.gov/discover-sleepy-hollow-ny/pages/history-of-the-village

We then rounded out our day at a cafe with an outdoor sitting area where we ordered soups and sandwiches. All in all it was a perfect fall day and one of the best Halloween leadups we have ever had.