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A little more Fall décor. See Part I here


If you read on you will see that areas of my house have also received an overlay for Halloween, with a Hitchcock THE BIRDS theme.

It was really fun to do something a little different from bats and cats and witches for Halloween!

The kitchen table has a large white pumpkin and you can see one of the birds has perched on top of a topiary. I picked up the white pumpkin from Food Lion in September before they were all picked over. It was my first fall item out this year.



Added a raven to the banister with more of the subtle fall leaves:


already showed you the stairs in this post  this is the only place where brighter fall colors of orange are involved.


If you want to take the theme over the top, have a birdcage with two faux canaries, mangle the cage door and have it hanging open with the birds on top of the cage with feathers ruffled. Also group a bunch of birds along the banister or somewhere unexpected like the top of a curtain rod. If this was for a party I would do just that.

If you are staging a Hitchcock  film theme, a tip from the master himself is that he would always leave one thing in his scenery that is just off. Your eye does not always immediately register what it is, but it knows that something is not quite right. An example would be a candelabra missing just one candle, or a crooked candle. A cabinet or closet door left slightly open, a broken dish on a table. Just something not quite right.

My ravens are left over from the year I decorated with an Edgar Allen Poe theme. I may do that again one year to show you, it was just as fun as this one. It was also very similar, except I had a lot more books used in the décor and used maroons and black in the scheme. Of course there was also a bust with a raven on it!  Anyway, since I was just working with what I already had, and reinterpreting it, ravens it is.

Here is an example of the Poe décor I just mentioned. That pumpkin and raven will be put away on November 1 and replaced with a green pumpkin or squash. I used a silver pen to make the swirls and write Nevermore on the black pumpkin. If I did it again I would use smaller script.


and this raven has found a home in the study on top of the flower pens I made a while ago:


Happy Fall,