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A date to Trill Hill…see part 1 here

Out of the blue the gentleman who had picked her up from the train station and driven her to the youth convention 8 months earlier phoned. He invited her for a drive on Trill Hill, followed by a picnic lunch. She accepted the date, and as she looked forward to it and prepared for this intriguingly romantic date, this is what she imagined:

Video from YouTube.  Uploaded by Sue Prida. Words by George Vaugh Horton

He was to arrive at 11, but her Uncle, whose family she was living with at the time called out, “someone is coming.”

She looked out the farmhouse window and sure enough someone was roaring up the dirt road to the house. It was a pretty Saturday morning – about 9:30 am. As a schoolteacher with a commute, she was always up early anyway, but was by no means ready for the date. She dressed as quickly as she could. When she came downstairs he was sitting at the kitchen table and had been offered, and accepted, a second breakfast.  As soon as that was finished they left for Trill Hill.

He had not known how long it would take to get there. This was his excuse for arriving an hour and half early for the date, an excuse he repeated at their 50th wedding anniversary.

They got reacquainted on the drive out to this lyrical hill of her imaginings and soon he was driving up, up and up. They got to the top and she eagerly looked around for the source of the name Trill Hill. She had just enough time to register the sights, when all of a sudden he gunned the motor and they flew down the hill and up the next one. Again he gunned it and down they went again, and then up and down a third hill.  Finally he stopped the car and looked over at her with a huge grin.

“See wasn’t that a trill,” he said with his slight Scandinavian accent.

She picked herself up off the floorboard and looked at him with surprise, “you mean THRILL?” she asked.

Trying not to let the annoyance show and to dispel the high pitch that had entered her voice she said again, “THRILL HILL?”

“Yes, that is what I said, Trill Hill.”

He began to turn the car around. “Let’s do it again going this way.” and again they were off.

She said they had tossed chicken salad sandwiches for lunch when anyone asked what they ate for their picnic, emphases on the tossed and she always cut her eyes over at my grandfather when she said that. He in turn would beam and then they would both laugh.

It was a while before he had another date with her, but he must have been persistent, because they were married August 1941 in a secret wedding. Why it was secret, and what happened when the news got out a day later, making them the big news county-wide, is going to have to be saved for another day.

Oh and you are welcome, if you clicked the youtube link, I am sure the song has now lodged in your brain – you will find yourself humming it later .. heehee.

~ Kristin