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So I am toying with changing out my dining room table for a round one…well really I am procrastinating this morning from painting the guest bedroom and finishing that room up.  The reason I am fixated on round tables right now is because their natural symmetry seem to work well for casual and formal rooms and because my dining room just seems like a large round table would work better. Also, I love the one off of my kitchen that I have previously posted about and will show you again at the end of these pictures. If I remove some of the wall between the dining area and the kitchen, to make it more open to that space then you would see both tables while standing in my kitchen. It is just a thought that is percolating right now, so let me get on with the procrastination in the next few pictures.

How cool would it be to have an octagon shaped dining room! Certainly not something you see in very many houses and especially not in the center of the layout. I think in this case they really could not have used another dining table shape.

In the picture below it is the color of the table and the glittery objects on the sideboard that make that area special, instead of just being an eating area off of the kitchen.  The round shape helps make the space seem larger than a longer and skinnier rectangular table would make it look.


Is this just one of the coolest ceilings you have seen?


And the blue, green, white colors in this room are just lovely with the globe and the round table:


How crisp and clean does this look:


And aren’t you just as curious as I am to know how many can fit around this humongous table? I think the answer is 12 people!!!  The chandelier is the most asked question on this image. It is stunning, no?!


And here are two different round tables from my current (1st pic) and former home (2nd pic). Please excuse the photo quality, I am still learning and just snapped this one this morning to show you the new rug. I had to do it quick as the family is waking up and there will soon be cereal boxes, jug of milk and bowls messing up my momentarily clean area:

Current house kitchen eating  area:

kitchen dining with rug

I did buy the sisal rug I was contemplating  adding in a prior post see it here

former house kitchen with round table. This was a significant before and after see it here:

remodeled kitchen4

Thank you for helping me procrastinate!