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What’s that name?  My sister Melanie and I found a wine label that provided a quick and fun lesson in marketing.

A few years ago we were browsing for antiques in a cute country store, near Charlottesville, VA, when we discovered a corner of the shop featured local wines. One label in particular caught our eye. Do you see that image to the left? Yep, that is what we saw. Forgetting that there might be others around, we made a few comments and laughed at each other’s jokes..

The shop clerk poked his head into the corner and said “ladies, ladies” with a grin. Thoroughly amused by the Well Hung® label, and perhaps a bit pink cheeked, we asked him about it. He said “it’s a funny thing, that wine is from a fairly new vineyard and at first I worried she might not make it, lot’s of them don’t you know, then she came out with that label. Ever since then I can barely keep her bottles on the shelf. Have to say it’s a pretty good wine too.”

We assisted in emptying his shelf of the label for the day, purchasing several bottles each for gifts and for  gal events we both host, like book-club, bunco and ladies night out. One bottle went to Melanie’s in-laws, who have a wine cellar filled with fine wines from around the world. We were certain that they would not have this fun label!

Knowing that in that area of Virginia ‘fairly new’ can mean one year, ten years or 20 years we decided to look it up online. Plus we were plenty curious about the origin and decision-making behind the name. We found that the clerk did a fairly good job with the label’s story, and he was correct, the wine was good too, but here are a few more details from our internet search http://www.wellhungvineyard.com/:

The owners Amy Steers (and husband Bill) planted a couple of acres near Charlottesville, VA, circa 2000. They initially sold the grapes to another local winery, but after receiving several awards, Amy quit her job to focus full-time on the vineyard. The fruit grew so well, that a visiting friend, Tracy, joked about naming a vineyard Well Hung®. It was just a joke until second friend (and expert marketer) Kathy Rash gave encouragement for the label. Interested? Read their official story here…. Well Hung® story.

Do you have a favorite local wine from where you live? We would love to hear about it.