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What Alice Forgot (Image from Amazon.com)

What perceptions do people have about you? What kind of person would they say you are? Alice Love finds out.

Alice wakes up on the floor of her spin class having forgotten everything about the last 10 years. She thinks she is 29 years old, pregnant with her first child, and completely in love with her husband.  Instead, she finds out she is 39 years old, is in the middle of a contentious divorce, and has three children.  What?! She loves her husband, has no idea how to be a parent, and darn, why is her sister mad at her?

Alice has forgotten why and how she became this person she woke up to, no, she does not recognize her at all. Clearly there have been some significant changes in her life that she does not remember happening and she does not understand how those morphed her so completely into someone those closest to her don’t seem to like. It scares her. She does not like this person they say she is either – seriously how could ten years have changed her so much she wonders over and over again.

As her family and friends reconstruct who she is, from their perspective, she just can’t believe what an awful, cold person she has been.  What could have pushed her to become someone like that? Alice sets about trying to undo the damage. She tries desperately to reconnect with her soon to be ex-husband before it is to late, and with her sister. All of this while trying to learn the ropes of parenthood, figure out who Gina is and what role she had in the impending divorce, and dodge the attentions of a certain gentleman who is telling her that the person she was is actually someone amazing – certainly a big difference from what others are saying. But who is he and how well could he have really known her, especially because she loves her husband so deeply? She would not have fallen for another man? Surely not.

Alice’s journey toward finding out who others think she is and discovery of who she actually is will strike many nerves if you have been married for a while and have children. Whether Alice and her ex are able to work things out, I will leave for you to discover. As the tidbits start coming back to her, and we see her sister’s story through some diary entries, we are reminded of just how complicated and messy relationships of all types are for all of us.

What Alice Forgot is an enjoyable read and is sure to provide great discussion for your next book club about what Alice did forget. And here is my thought, as her life became busier and more complex in the years between 29 and 39 years of age she left that younger person behind forgetting her completely. With plenty to discuss about the book and about life in general would recommend What Alice Forgot for your book club.

~Happy Reading ~~ Kristin