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A redecorating playlist?  Yes, why not. Pretty much any fitness buff will tell you they have a playlist to amp their workout. Music that inspires them to push themselves toward a new goal.

Why not a playlist for painting walls or reshuffling the furniture? 

For you it might be Jazz, Classical, Rock, Pop, or Rap, or it might be very darn similar to the playlist you use while jogging. Mine is a bit different for the two different purposes (that is on the rare occasion I do jog). For fitness I listen to a mix of reggae and popular tunes. The reggae helps me envision myself in a bathing suit at the beach, which definitely helps push me to new challenges! However, for decorating my tastes have changed over the last 10 years to a much less formal design and my inspiration music reflects that change.

I now like music that is mellow and fun and most definitely and most important has great sing along words! This is especially needed when working on a long tedious project like spackling drywall.  There was a time when classical music was the go-to while decorating, but that was back when I was a bit more fancy in my tastes, possibly envisioning my house taking on the air of Hartfield (from Emma) or some other Manor house exuding charm and elements of good taste.

My current decorating playlist songs are based on some of the following criteria:

  • Mood – helps set the mood I want to achieve in the room (in my case romantic)
  • Challenge – Inspires to succeed at a challenge, gut through & for demolition projects
  • Party – Think of all those parties I will host in this space!

Note on party music – for me this is not necessarily the music you would hear playing at a party at my house. That is a very different playlist. However, it would be great to play the music you would use at a party too! I can see that being a great inspiration. 

Typically I let the music cycle through all of the choices in my categories because my projects are usually plenty (over)ambitious and I need all of these reasons to carry on.


my kinda music

Image via Pinterest – but the perfect warning, no?!

So here is a sample of my tearing out a wall, painting, shoving furniture around, setting a vase in the exact right spot and all around very eclectic inspiration music otherwise known as … Decorating Playlist


Decorating Playlist:

Sugar – Maroon 5 (Party)

Sway – Bobby Rydell  (Mood)  

Hang on Little Tomato – Pink Martini (Challenge) 

Diamonds -Rihanna (Mood)

Red, Red Wine – UB40 (Party)

Yellow – Coldplay (Mood)

Brown-Eyed  Girl – Van Morrison (Mood)

The Tide is High – Blondie (Challenge)

Moondance – Michael Buble (Mood)

Dream a Little Dream – Mamas and Papas or Michael Buble (Mood)

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees (Challenge)

Push It – Salt-n-Pepa (Challenge)

Mambo – Nat King Cole (Party & Mood – this checks both the boxes for me)

Somebody that I used to Know – Gotye (Challenge – this one is especially good when ripping out something I previously installed or repainting a room from a color that just a year prior I thought was perfect)

Wild World – Cat Steven (Mood)

Summer – Calvin Harris (Mood and best song to beebop while up a ladder with a paint brush!)


One caveat that may sound crazy to you but makes perfect sense in my world is that in the fall I add Christmas music to my playlist to inspire me to get that room painted, powder room tile done…)

Do you have favorite songs you listen to while redecorating? Would love it if you would share in the comments. I am always looking for new songs to add!

Music...that soothes the soul, makes you cry, makes you shake your booty....love it all.:

Image via Pinterest – credited to youtube (Christina Perri – A thousand years acoustic cover by Noelito -youtube.com/watch?v=tSTo051AYLo)

–Have fun with your next project and may all your projects be successful – Kristin