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If you have a dog be ready to give him/her lots of extra love while reading this book.  In fact you may pet your dog so much he actually gets tired of the attention and walks away from you!

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Told from the dog’s perspective, Enzo is an insightful narrator. And like you may suspect with your own dog he sees and hears and understands quite a bit of what is going on among the humans in his sphere. Enzo also comments on general behavior trying to puzzle out why people make bad decisions. He believes he is a step away from being human and aspires to be in his next life so must be the best dog he can be and store up wisdom now through observation.

Enzo is Denny’s faithful  companion through the good times and most important when Denny’s world falls apart. Enzo is fiercely loyal to Denny and takes his revenge on the in-laws when they deserve it, which is probably the funniest part of the book.  The basic plot is that after Denny’s wife dies the in-laws seek custody of his daughter by using any and all means possible.

The title of the book comes from Denny’s dream to be a race car driver but also sums up that navigating Denny’s life is a risky sort of business..

This is a book I might not have ever read had it not been my book club’s choice for that month.It was fantastic and provided great discussion.

-Happy reading~~Kristin