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We replaced our weathered brass fixture this weekend.The space is tight so anything new had to fit that space. We found a cute barrel shaped LED light with crackle glass, and since the Hubs is all about technology and convenience that was the one.


Step 2 REMOVE SCREWS HOLDING OLD FIXTURE IN PLACE. It may look like this. Try not to let the fixture hang without support. This is where a helper is a good idea.


STEP 3. Remove the plate that the fixture screwed into and pull the wires out a bit.


STEP 4. Unscrew the cap and untwist wires from each other.  Black is HOT, but not at the moment because the POWER IS OFF. White is NEUTRAL -it is the electricity return. The copper wire is GROUNDING wire.

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STEP 5. On our new round plate there are caps on the screws that are already stuck in it. Keep those, you will need those later. The screws actually needed to be screwed in so that they would stick out the other side. These screws are meant to hold the fixture on, not to install the new plate. For the new plate use the other screws that came with the package. Now install the new plate. OH NO the new plate is different than the old one and the screws don’t fit and OH JOY this project is now not going to be so simple…OH BOY it is because the screws holes are not in the same place and the screws that came with the new fixture don’t fit the area where they screw back in. Solution: the royal we (hubs) had to drill one new hole to accommodate the plate to our box and we used the old screws.



STEP 6a. DISCOVER WASP NEST when an angry wasp comes whizzing out of the vent directly above your head!!!! Spray and wait at least 30 minutes or however long your wasp spray tells you to wait.


There is one of the fallen. I googled it and it is called a Paper Wasp. It is actually not aggressive except when it’s nest is threatened.  As this nest is right outside our door -sorry can’t live and let live on this one.

IMG_3648 (2)

Step 6b: Pull wires through the center of plate now that you have solved TWO problems.


STEP 7: Twist wire caps unto the wires. Match Black to Black, White to White and Copper to Copper. Make sure the wire ends are ending at same point, place the cap on and start twisting until it is tight, now give it a tug to make sure it is not going to come off.


STEP 8: Push wires back into hole and place your new fixture over the protruding screws.Remember when we screwed those through, they were not to attach plate to wall they are meant to attach fixture to plate that is already screwed to wall.


Step 9: Discover that the screws are too long to accommodate the cute little bronze caps we saved and did not lose from the begin of project. The reason is that our overall set up is different than the manufacturer imagined, not necessarily a manufacturing issue. Think, think, think, okay let’s pull fixture off of those screws and push those large screws back some from the plate. Can you see it below? We pulled them back about a quarter inch.


Step 10: Place back on and the cute little end caps fit!


Step 11: Add glass globe. Ours is LED and will never need a light bulb!

Step 12: Turn back on power.


So a cute little crackle glass barrel light and the prior brass light side by side. Even with wasps and other issues it still did not take very long to do at all.