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When you read a Kate Morton book you need to get comfy and let the story wrap around you. All of her stories have complex histories that drive the action of the plot. Morton weaves in and out of time seamlessly and in and out of character’s views equally so.

This story is really a tale of two very different women during the WWII years – vapid Dolly and elegant Vivien. They are not friends but neither are they enemies. The slight uneasy relationship they do have is the basis of the entire plot. a plot that revolves around the points where their lives intersect. Therefore, you must be patient and enjoy the histories of these two women as they unfold, it is important to get to know each woman to be satisfied by the way things conclude.

Murder, a Love Triangle, Greed, Mystery, German Blitz on London, Mother-Daughter relationship – all is thrown in, stirred 100 strokes and baked into a very entertaining story. This story keeps giving until the final two pages of the book when the mystery of what Laurel witnessed in the 1960s is finally explained and you understand the brilliance of the author. She has been teasing you, playing slight of hand all along – a hallmark of Kate Morton story-telling. Be advised there is not a traditional happy end for many of the characters, but you heave a contented sigh at the end when you realize that all the loose threads are neatly tied and things have turned out in a very satisfactory way.

It is hard to discuss this book without giving away too much. Read it, you will enjoy it and be glad that you did!

Happy Reading ~~ Kristin