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rose pens FINAL 2.jpg


inspirationI have at least 100 pens in my house, yet when I need to take down a message I cannot find a single one, except the one to the right. The one attached to the flower.  It is too big to be put in a bookbag or purse and is not fully practical for homework so there it is when I need it, perched in this small urn. My daughter made this in brownies years ago and the cheap pen has lasted longer and been more readily found than expensive pens. I was the brownies co-leader when we had the girls make these flower pens, so recalling how easy it is to make I thought it would be nice to make some more and make a pretty display at the same time.

So if you have not made one of these before let me show you how easy it is.



Assemble your material:


Pens (these were 1.49 for 10 pens)

Green Duck Tape

snipping tool


Determine length you want rose and snip through the wire stem.

Place pen and stem side by side on Duck Tape and start rolling the tape around to cover the pen, overlapping the tape and leaving the writing part uncovered. I did some where I just rolled one long piece from end to end and others I wound three pieced at three slightly overlapping spots along the pen.

IMG_3558fallbreeze diy during

In this picture (below) you can see how the stem should lay along pen. You don’t want a flower sticking too far up from the end of the pen, but some adjustments can be made if you want one higher than the other.

fallbreeze prep






Be careful as you roll the tape to not do this. If you do simply snip the tape on either side of the snafu and reposition tape for rolling.



Below on left is my new pen, on right is my model.

fallbreeze comparison pens

I added crumpled paper at bottom of urn/vase, you could add pebbles or sand. When I put the flowers in I thought it needed some greenery as this is also meant to be a display, so added some of the leaves that had been on the stem when I bought it.

fixing the hole.JPGFallbreeze finished pensleaves.JPG

and there you go:


Without greenery/with greenery: