The order from Proven Winners arrived quickly and I was thrilled that it arrived before the weekend. I cheaped out and bought the quart size instead of the gallon size and really hope that will be the right choice. $17 each vs $31 each (the gallon size was marked down from 40). At 9 plants that is a significant savings. If I had only bought 3 of them I would have gone for the larger ones.

I was not expecting them to be so small that they would fit in one box


But they seemed healthy enough, so I planted them with plenty of help from my son this morning. (Thanks Clay for digging holes and helping without complaint … you did much better than most grown men. Ahem, yes that is a not so subtle dig at someone…! 🙂 )

After several sweaty dirty hours it looked like this (below). A little disappointing given the level of effort and sweat expended.


That is right, the weed and grass is carved into the resemblance of a garden bed, but it does not look like much, and is not nearly enough for someone as impatient as me.  So I added three ceramic balls that I bought on one of my many excursions looking for Annabelle Hydrangeas. I also left a large hole to add a flowering tree of some kind. Perhaps a dwarf cherry or dwarf crepe myrtle. The only thing is cherry trees are water hogs and I am not sure whether it will compete with my hydrangeas.  Also, I added more of the phlox.  Both the hydrangea and the phlox are native to my region, so feeling pretty proud of that.  Maybe I can find a native species of crepe myrtle that does not get to large.


Now just have to wait for nature to do her thing and grow these babies to the 5×5 that I hope they will become. At that point I will have a full white hedge like in my inspiration photo, and those large balls will look cute peeking out from UNDER the white and green of the hydrangeas.  Will give further updates as these progress into the white dramatic hedge they will form.

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