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Now the laundry room had a new coat of paint and new texture on the ceiling. But, not complete. I decided it needed a farmhouse table for folding laundry, however, after scouring all my local donation centers and several garage sales I did not find anything and buying new was not within our budget.

Another item that was not in our budget was a skylight. It is a small room without windows and could definitely use some outside light. I knew I would need assistance with this tasks so I approached my husband who said “absolutely not”, so this part of the project isn’t happening, for now.

White cabinets were exactly what I needed to give the room the crisp clean feel I was looking for. I measured the space and picked the perfect cabinets that were reasonably priced at Lowes. I went to pick them up and noticed a clearance area with a mini chandelier that I liked and was perfect for the space. I knew a chandelier for my laundry room was not in the budget, but it was $100 chandelier that I purchased for less than $35. At that point I knew my laundry room was getting a new chandelier.

The cabinets were fairly straight forward to install. I was even able to do it almost all by myself. I followed the directions and it worked with some slight adjustments, as per directions.

The chandelier was a little more tricky. I waited until my husband was available to help because I knew it might need and extra hand.  I’m very glad I did.

The original fixture was larger and when removed exposed more popcorn texture. Several thoughts about how to deal with this went through my head including respackling and purchasing a ceiling medallion. I searched online for ceiling medallions. However, I couldn’t see paying twice as much as I paid for the chandelier itself on this item.

While on a trip to the local hardware store I went through the aisle where they kept the ceiling medallions. There on the shelf was one very plain one for less than $15. I picked it up thinking that the diameter would work.

However, once we got it mounted we realized it was just slightly too small. I decided rather than shell out any more money for a larger, more ornate one I would just add some spackle  around the outside. It didn’t lay smooth quite the way I wanted it too, but it worked and I am done.

Time to do the laundry!