We finished unpacking and got on with our daily lives. I’d like to say that we forgot about the hole in our ceiling, but we didn’t, we just ignored it. There were other cosmetic facelifts about the house that impacted the way we did things or that others could see. There weren’t too many people judging me by my laundry room, so I took Elsa’s advice and I let it go. Every once in a while I would temporarily get frustrated with the state of this room. At which point I would peel away more and more of the popcorn ceiling, make a huge mess, clean it up, just to do it again another day.

I knew we were losing a lot of heat through the ceiling and that our energy bill was likely much higher than it should be. But we had too many other priorities. Some were necessary priorities and others we were making priorities, in other words, procrastinating.We knew it was a going to be a big job for us and that we needed some dedicated time which continues to be a problem for us.

As the weather warmed up and my husband and I were having the age old debate about when to finally turn on the air conditioning, we finally came to one conclusion – we needed to fix the hole before turning on the AC. It was spring and we had to set aside a weekend where that was the priority and focus for the weekend. We knew we couldn’t drop everything, but we could skip yard work, let the laundry pile up, etc. One of us would be in charge of the keeping our three young boys occupied and out of the other’s hair while one of us worked steadily.

This plan sort of worked.

My husband took on the initial task and cut a piece of drywall just the right size (sort of, on his second attempt, the first time he purchased drywall that was too thick) and screwed it into the exposed beam. I’m not sure exactly what he did next, but when I went in the next day to sand there was drywall tape sticking out all over the place. So, I pulled off the tape and re-spackled in those locations and waited another day.

My plan was to make the slanted wall that was the majority of my laundry room ceiling and once a sky of popcorn into an nice flat canvas. However, as I sanded I realized that there were just too many imperfections and it was going to look terrible. I rethought my strategy and decided to go with a knock down texture.

When searching “how to knock down texture” I realized that there are different types of knock down texture and different techniques. I chose the one that fit the tools I had and appeared to be the quickest and easiest method. Then I put my mini trowel in my bucket of mud and smoothed and swirled and created my own haphazard pattern. I actually enjoyed the process and had fun with it. It was also a great shoulder workout.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money in this room, but I did want to give it a nice clean feel and make it a room that functioned well for me. Therefore, I reused paint from another project. The color of my boys bathroom is Sherwin Williams Sherwin Williams Rainwashed in an eggshell sheen. I had about a half of a gallon can left. I also had about a half a can of white paint in a satin sheen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 5.11.28 AM.png

Using this paint calculator from the Home Depot I realized that one gallon would be just right. I boldly mixed the two cans and loved the results.

Return tomorrow for the hanging of the cabinets and the chandelier and other details and tips.