It only took me two weeks to do this weekend project! And even longer to finally write about it. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t get weekends to do much of anything by myself. In the words of the resolute Violet Crawley “What is a week end?”

At least half my weekends are spent transporting children to soccer games, lacrosse games, wrestling, scouts, birthday parties, and recitals. The other half is trying to maintain functionality of the home, cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, and doing laundry. I basically have an hour here and an hour there. I try to make the most of it.

We moved into my house at the end of last summer. It wasn’t my favorite house, but it was one we could afford in the area we wanted to be in and with a decent commute for my husband. When we were looking, houses they were flying off the market left and right. I would look at a house, take a day or two to think about it, discuss it with my husband and contact my realtor, by then it was already off the market. Sold! Just like that.

My husband left the house hunting primarily up to me but was starting to get antsy. “We need a place to live! And soon!” he gruffed. I had taken a less urgent approach, up to this point. I wanted to wait for the right place. He was justifiably concerned about changing the children’s schools just after they’d started or even mid year. I would also have to do all the moving by myself, since he would not be able to take off to help at a later date. So, when this house came on the market we jumped on it, because, although it wasn’t perfect it had most of the things on our “must have” list and several things on our “would like to have” list.

For one, it had un upstairs laundry room. I have come to feel that this is a necessity for anyone with children. When my oldest was a toddler and I was pregnant again we lived in a 950 sq ft townhouse in the Boston area. The laundry room was in the basement. I remember the angst of trying to keep my toddler from navigating the concrete stairs for the first time as I carried large loads up and down them in my unbalanced, large frame. Once I realized upstairs laundry rooms were I thing, I decided “never again”.

Here we are moving all our stuff into this new (old) home. The movers have emptied all the contents of the truck onto our front lawn and just began to move the items from the yard into our home. And it began to rain, first drizzle, then full fledged storm. The moved everything in as quickly as possible, told me items couldn’t fit up the stairways and through the hallway upstairs, so they had to be left downstairs. My husband and I moved those items upstairs by ourselves later.

It stormed the rest of the weekend. Saturday afternoon I noticed a puddle in the laundry room floor. I assumed many things since I have three boys. What started as a small puddle quickly grew. I was convinced (and so was my husband) that the washer was hooked up incorrectly. Then I noticed a bulge in popcorn texture that was on the ceiling. This bulge was in the corner. I went over and put a hole in the bulge with my pen. Water came gushing down. I dug a little deeper through the drywall and more water came pouring out.

Since we were new to the area and didn’t know anyone, I called my realtor immediately and asked if she knew anyone. She contacted the selling realtor. Her husband is a general contractor and they live in the neighborhood. It was 10:00pm and the selling realtor and her husband came over to take a look.

He took a mini-saw and asked permission to cut a larger hole in the drywall. Even more water came gushing out. He grabbed a large paint bucket and began collecting water. He and my husband started discussing getting on the roof to take a look and find out where it was coming from. Both his wife and I stopped them.

Two scenarios were racing through our minds. 1. They will slip and fall on the slick roof and we will have to take them to the hospital. 2. They will get struck by lightening and we will have to take them to the hospital. Neither one of us was inclined to taking a trip to the ER that night so we talked them out of it.

The bucket stayed all weekend and nearly filled. As soon as the rain let up he showed up with a roofer. They climbed up and figured out that the drain needed to be cleaned out. Because it was clogged the water backed up and overflowed right at the location of the leak. At precisely that location there was no flashing and this was allowing the backed up water to pour down through the corner of the roof.


They kindly unclogged our drains and fixed not only this problem, but also two other places where this could potentially be a problem. We left the hole in the corner of the laundry room so that everything could have the opportunity to dry out.

As I poked around at the ceiling in that area I found a bright side. The water had loosened the popcorn texture on the slanted ceiling and it was easy to peel off. So, like an addict, I began to peel away into the night.

For more to the story return tomorrow.

Awaiting your return,