On leisurely Saturday mornings I get my cup of coffee and sit down at the computer to look at real-estate (just for fun). Sometimes I focus on houses in my area to see value and what others have done to improve their homes. Sometimes I just day-dream and let my mouse travel down the coast or along a lake and click click click on coastal homes. A few Saturdays ago I clicked on this house and want to share it with you today. I don’t dream of a big fancy mansion by the sea….this is the type of vacation home I dream of….

Images from Zillow 

The blues, grays and whites are naturals for a coastal theme, but what made this house really charming was the use of muted yellow.

The amount of natural light poring into the house is perfect as well.

The kitchen is really cute with the watery blue tile and coordinating dishes.

Are those stairs cute, or what? But when I walk up them in my mind I count 13, not 12 steps taken to reach the top.  That would not be a problem for me, just lets you know how much I have looked at these pictures.

Ahhh, sigh, wouldn’t all your cares just melt away when you step in the door of that house. Guess I can land back in reality and start my morning rush now.

Until next time – Kristin