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Garden Door from fallbreeze.net (3)When we were in Key West several years ago we stayed at Parrot Key Resort. It was a beautiful place just out of the noisier main area, but still classified as being in Key West.  I was going through pictures to pull some out for a post on Key West Houses and found these pictures I took of the garden doors at the resort. Some of these doors separated and served as the pass through from pool to pool, making each swimming pool seem like its own room, as the landscaping formed a dense lush perimeter around them. Others, the doors that are closed, made the “rooms” look like there were other unexplored paths. I like the thought that lurking through the door there might be an undiscovered secret garden!

Since I have been thinking on, and surfing the internet for arbors to make a pass through from the side area of house to the backyard these simply hit the spot right now.

Images of these Garden Door are my own. Location was Parrot Key Resort in Key West. If you repost them or use them in any way, please link back to this Garden Doors post  and mention FALLBREEZE.NET in the credits.  Thanks and much appreciated!

Here they are, aren’t they stunning?

Garden Door from fallbreeze.net (4)Garden Door from fallbreeze.net (2)Garden Door from  fallbreeze.netGarden Door from fallbreeze.net (5)Garden Door from fallbreeze.net

Now aren’t the whirligigs spinning in your head right now too?