IMG_3115 (2)This post is a story rather than a DIY or how-to. Just bear with me 🙂  The front porch will be getting a full makeover this summer.

Flanking the front door are two urns. They are  real cast iron and after 10 years they still make me happy. Ferns are my usual choice to fill them, but this year I wanted to do flowers. So here is the story part:

We stopped after church at Chipotle to grab some burritos and get home quickly;  everyone had something they needed to do. As we pulled into the lot though there was a BIG tent at the back of the shopping center parking lot and under and all around it were flowers. What?! it was mid April, I had no idea the flowers would be for sale already at that location.

We got out of the car and my feet headed the opposite direction of my husbands. “You go get the Chipotle, I am going to walk around the flowers for minute.” A groan from him and and he was off to get the food, while I was free for a few minutes to browse the flowers. Something happens to me at plant nurseries…something like a time warp, but I tried to browse as quickly as possible, knowing I only had a few minutes.

He was back way to quickly but I had at least gotten as far as deciding this year I wanted geraniums for the urns -which I thought was pretty good time management on my part. Rows of gorgeous hanging baskets with a profusion of flowers in every color were making the decision difficult so I turned to my husband, who was making disparaging comments about how he did not have all day to stand around at a plant place, how if he had known the plants were there … you get the idea. So I turned to him and shocked him, “you pick,” I said.

“Really, you want me to pick the flowers?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Okay,” he said, “those look good.” He pointed to the white geraniums.  Now I had pointed out 7 different shades of colors in pink, purple and red, but not the white.

“Really, are you just being ornery?” I asked.

“No, those look the best, don’t they match the other flowers you want for the backyard.”

Hmmm. he is color blind, so maybe they do look best to him. Besides he is right, I do want white hydrangeas for the backyard. Good job with matching the colors, honey! I grabbed two large hanging baskets with white geraniums cascading down and paid quickly so we could get back on track with the kids schedules.

IMG_3113Arriving home my family went into the house while I plunked a hanging basket in each urn.

It was not until later that I was able to clip the hanging wires and position them the way I wanted. That was when I realized something – with the red brick and white trim the white flowers really pop. It really was the best choice. I let him know he was good at picking out flowers – he smiled at the compliment, then I said “you should come with me all the time to the plant store”….that was met with silence.

I will update this post and add a link to the other portions of the front porch makeover here (as they occur). Promise.