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Major Pettigrew's Last StandImage from Barnes and Noble

Pour yourself a cup of tea, grab your favorite lap blanket and travel to Helen Simonsons  idealic village of Edgecombe St. Mary!

The retired Major Pettigrew has led a quiet life adhering to tradition and all things proper for an English gentleman. Honor and duty are sacred to him, while to the younger generation he is just plain stuffy. But even an elderly English gentleman wants more than a hearty fire, good book and a strong cup of tea.

Two passions are inflamed in the stodgy heart of this bachelor. First, his brother dies and the widow refuses to give him the hunting gun that he is certain should be his, then he begins an unlikely relationship with Jasmina Ali, a Pakistani shopkeeper in Edgecombe. Major Pettigrew and Jasmina find they are kindred spirits as they share a love of literature, loss of a dearly loved spouse, and both must contend with a young male relation who is impatient to inherit their carefully tended ‘treasures.’  Will their relationship survive differences in culture and good old fashioned tradition? Will Major Pettigrew be the hero that Mrs. Ali needs?

This book is a satisfying read on so many levels. Quickly immersing, funny, and a full rasher of nostalgia – I hope Edgecomb exists and I can travel there someday.

Hope you enjoy your own literary escape to Edgecomb, UK

– Kristin