3 ingredient quick breakfast – Croissant dough, Nutella, Strawberries

This was a Sunday morning experiment. I had a Pillsbury croissant package in my refrigerator and I wanted to do something unexpected that would get everyone moving and still be a treat.  I spread the dough out on a cookie sheet, tore the dough along the perforations to form triangles. I then added a spoonful of Nutella at the fat end of each triangle. Rolled the dough up and made sure they were properly spaced on the cookie sheet. I then followed package directions on the back of the dough tube for length and temperature of heating, well sort of, I left mine in a wee bit too long but as they were rescued before they burned — voila – Chocolate croissants!

I am sure there are many way to make this even more fancy and the chocolate even gooier, but this was so easy and so so yummy!

They sliced easily with a fork, as you can see above, and I made one note to myself – next time I am going to add a larger spoonful of Nutella. However much it will hold without squirting out the sides. The main thing is to be able to seal the chocolate in the dough.