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This house was in pretty sad shape when we bought it. The walk through made even our realtor worried, and she flips houses. She kept looking for our reaction and said “not everyone can look past and see the potential.” This is true and we took it as a big old compliment, as it was intended. We were so glad to be working with a realtor who could see that we had a vision and did not try to push us toward another house.

So, when you walk in the front door, to your right is the study. Pictures below show what it looked like during our final walk through before signing papers. I don’t think the pictures adequately display the stains and the wear and tear that 20 years of prior ownership conveyed.



Here are some AFTER pictures:


We removed the carpet throughout the first and second floor of the house, putting hardwood on first floor, and laminate upstairs. I painted the room  Sherwin Williams French Gray SW 0055 before the new flooring was installed. It came out BLUE, so be aware if you like what you see on the screen or on the tiny block you get from the store – it will read as dusty blue when covering a large space. I am very happy with it, but it was a surprise at how blue it looks in my room. I would suggest buying a sample size of the paint and testing it in your room first. It is very pretty and if you are looking for a blue-gray this may be exactly what you need.

My arms, back and hamstrings got quite a workout from painting the rooms in this house. I enjoy painting rooms because of the immediate gratification, so not complaining.

To furnish the study, I found a desk I loved in a magazine and set about finding an affordable version. I bought it from one of my go-to online companies and Melanie helped me put it together. She was visiting for the weekend and said she would help. Thank you Melanie!

Be warned that inexpensive means you get to do a little work before you enjoy. Be sure you look for the small print that says assembly required. This one was not bad at all. Encouraged by our success, I ordered a second desk and three bookcases in cream. I put those together by myself – sigh, no Melanie around and I really needed her on this one. The three bookcases took over 16 hours to put together and required spreading out the package contents through three rooms. I would have been furious if my husband, Keith, had done that, but I enjoy a double standard when it is my project!

A tip for assembly is to lay out the cardboard and work your project on it, this will protect your floors. Be sure you grab a dish of some kind to help corral all the hardware – you do not want to lose any of the small screws or parts. Would suggest making sure the dish is solid color and not dark for maximum visibility of the hardware, which will most likely be bronze, brass or silver colored.

By putting two desks and three bookcases in this room, I have storage and two people can work in this room at once. Or, oh joy and happiness, I can close the French doors and have it to myself. After years of working projects at my kitchen or dining room table this is wonderful. And yes you do spy a shredder in the foreground under the cream desk. The shredder and the computer on the cream desk were Keith’s contributions to this room. He was busy elsewhere in the house, probably upstairs laying down the laminate floors. I left it in the picture to show that this is a working and functional room.

To finish off the space I added art, lamps, and a personal quote above the doors to inspire me.

Ta da!

Here is my view with the doors closed – and when the doors are thrown wide open:

Btw – the tape over my laptop camera is because I read a scary article about cameras being turned on by hackers. As I write my blogs in the morning before work or weekend activities, with only coffee as my preparation, it seemed like a really good idea.