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Before and During Pictures:

The arms on my two dining room end chairs scratched and dinged up. I decided to remove them. Using a chisel and a hammer I easily popped the decorative plugs off the chairs revealing the screw heads. Just place the chisel tip on the plug and pound a sharp tap or two on the chisel end. Once the screws are out the arms are off. I actually managed to do this without damaging the finish to the chair at all and could have left them like that, but decided to press on with the paint treatment.

Two coats of chalk paint with a regular paint brush, a bit of sanding to reveal some of the wood beneath and two light coats of wax using an old white t-shirt torn into rags. Then done. A next project will be recovering the chair cushion. I painted the walls, ceiling, chairs and two end table and a dining room leaf as part of a larger project to change things up in my dining room and living room. Those pictures will follow in later posts.

After Pic, but still not completely redone:

IMG_2900 (1)Now to recover that seat cushion!

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