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Have you ever had a friend or a sales person convince you that you need something, only to realize later that you really, really did not? This was my experience with a cake tester. A sales person, at one of the cooking parties friends host from time to time, convinced the group that cake testers were a necessary staple of the kitchen. It was amazing, so many of us did not have this staple and we rushed to buy it. It wasn’t very expensive and gone would be the days of simply using a toothpick to determine if a cake was ready to take out of the oven.

My shiny thin cake tester arrived and I used it twice before it got bent and then eventually lost. I went back to using my disposable toothpicks, which I keep on hand just for this occasion.


But I learned something interesting from two older women at the party. One said that she always uses a piece of dry spaghetti. What?!  Brilliant. When I run out of toothpicks I grab a dry spaghetti noodle and it too is disposable. It is not my first choice because I do not have spaghetti noodles in a jar, I keep mine unimaginatively in the cabinet still in their boxes.


Then  the other woman spoke up and said her mother used a broom straw.  That one made me gag a little until she explained that when her mom got a new broom she would pull out or snip a straw from it and put it in her drawer to use as cake tester. She would continue to wash and use the straw until she got a new broom and thus a new straw.  I have not tried this, even though I do buy a new broom periodically.

Now maybe for you the cake tester is a brilliant, can’t live without it item! That is great!! No really, that is great. I have things that are necessities for me, that you might scoff at.

Anyway, my point is, some things work for you and some things work for me, but it sure is fun to hear how others have solved the problem of everyday matters, such as how to tell when a cake is done in the center. Do you have a tip on how you determine if a cake or brownies are done? Please share, we here at Fall Breeze love tips and tricks.

~ Kristin