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Amazon book cover            Truman Capote                         Babe and Bill Paley

Author Melanie Benjamin is a New York Times bestselling author. I will be suggesting three of her books for our Fall Breeze book club, as they are all sure to generate discussion, be finished by even your busiest member, and will be controversial but not over the taboos…religion or politics…whew and thank goodness! That is, unless you have one member who always takes you there (which thankfully I don’t in my clubs).

Truman Capote is really the star of the book. Fun, outrageous, discerning and backbiting Truman. The Swans are the society ladies of the fifties and early to mid sixties who amazingly expand their circle to include him. Rural raised, male, non-traditional Truman is a master storyteller, not just on the page, oh no, he uses his abilities to his maximum advantage by assuaging their vanity, ferreting out secrets and truly ingratiating himself into their lives.

A fun read that will have your book club talking about the meaning and definition of friendship, betrayal, forgiveness and the contrast between high society and new media darlings who are making their own rules in the sixties!